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Rock Climbing Toronto

Rock ClimbingRock Climbing means something different to everyone who does it. It’s a hard concept to pin down. For some, it’s the ultimate extreme sport: an extreme test of strength and fitness whilst at the same time overcoming your fear and pushing personal boundaries. For others it is not a sport at all but art, the purest form of expression. Either way, climbing is hard work, but don’t ever let that put you off. There’s few things in the world to match the feeling of acheivement you get when you send a route or problem that a few hours, days, weeks or months earlier you looked at and told yourself was impossible.

Definitions aside, climbing is great fun whatever grade you climb. And Toronto has plenty to offer climbers of any ability with three indoor walls in the area and a little further afield, theres plenty of outdoor climbing to be had, check out the respective pages for more info.

Happy Dangling!

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